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Moulin-a-Vent Appellation

Officially acknowledged in 1936, this Appellation is considered as one of the most iconic of Beaujolais.

Its terroirs are among the most fascinating of the region with its granitic soils (including quartz) creating singular, rich and structured wines with strong ageing potential.

“Le Clos, a legendary wine with great ageing potential”

Le Clos

Unique Monopole of the Appellation, this 2.3 acres vineyard is perfectly located down the windmill, symbol of the Cru.
Based on a dry, hard, granitic soil, this unique terroir gives outstanding Gamay offering structured, mineral, long-lasting wines as iconic as the greatest French wines.

“Le Carquelin is pure elegance”

Le Carquelin

Our vineyard spans over 4.3 acres. This terroir with light, sandy clay and acidic soil, has low levels of organic matters and presents the typical pink color of the Cru. Its granite is very altered and medium deep.

Champ de Cour

This granitic plot, south-east facing, has the peculiarity of showing pebbles under a thick layer of dense clay, which gives the wine a bold and mineral character and a significant ageing potential.